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Rebecca Davis | Artist Statement

I’m an artist who paints in a world of whimsy and fairytale sensibility.  I primarily paint using acrylic, watermedia and multimedia and create narratives that often  feature colorful travelers and children, often accompanied by dogs, cats, burros, and birds.  Ladders, bells, vessels and spirals are frequent motifs found in my paintings, sometimes as part of unexpected tableaus.  Each figure represents a facet of the human experience, encouraging observers to connect with their own stories and emotions.

Colors are my magical tools, and I love infusing my canvases with sparkling hues that evoke joy. However, amidst the color and sparkle, some paintings also delve into the darker aspects of ancient fairytales, where melancholy finds its place. Just as in the tales of old, there is a balance between light and shadow, and my art reflects this duality of emotions.

I enjoy injecting a sense of humor into my paintings, adding a playful twist to some scenes. As I paint, my passion for storytelling guides me, using the twists of my painting brushes and tools to narrate tales that transport the viewer to an artist’s version of our inner lives.

Through my paintings, I hope to awaken the childlike spirit in all of us, encouraging exploration and a fresh perspective on the world. My art can as a portal to new possibilities, where imagination reigns.  In this kaleidoscope of colors, symbolism, and emotions, I invite you to wander through a realm where fantasy does not always meet reality, where ordinary objects can hold extraordinary meanings, and where humor and darkness intertwine with whimsy and glitter. I hope that my art sparks pleasure, laughter, and perhaps even contemplation, leaving you with a sense of enchantment that lingers long after you've turned away from the images I create. 

My Bio

I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember.  I grew up in Idaho where my siblings and I were supplied with reams of typing paper and an array of crayons and paints along with unending encouragement to express ourselves.


I studied at St John’s College in New Mexico, Bennington College in Vermont, graduated from Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio with a degree in Expressive Arts, and studied at JFK University in the Arts & Consciousness program. 


I’ve worked as a puppeteer, a writer and a recruiter in the video game world, where I love the interaction with some of the most creative people in the universe.  And through it all, I’ve painted.  


I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my husband Blake Marr, two collies and three cats, who frequently appear in my painting and are always in my studio. 


I’m excited to be able to share my work!

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