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About the Studio

Ketakka Exterior.jpg

Ketakka Rock Painting Studio

Many artists will title their websites using their own name, but for me that is an impossibility because there are SO MANY Rebecca Davis’s in the world who are and were artists and writers that my name has already been taken in every possible variation by every domain and social media site.    I guess we Rebecca Davis’s are a creative population! 

I use the name Ketakka for my studio because:
it’s not been taken
it’s three syllables, I can kind of imagine saying Ketakka instead of Rebecca when I was two. 
Oh and I like rocks, every morning on my dog walks I’m likely to return with pockets full of agates that now stud the garden outside my studio.

I live near the Agua Fria area of Santa Fe and while researching this ancient village’s  history I discovered that the name comes from Ca-Tee-Ka, which means cold water to the Tewa and Tano natives along the Rio Grande.  So Ketakka makes all the more sense to me as a studio name! 

The beautiful rocks that can be seen from my studio window add to my studio’s Rock-Charm.

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